It's better to get it right than fast

I’ve been reading in my sick bed, and stumbled over this sentence in The Professional Chef’s Knife Kit from the CIA:

As with writing, your primary goal is to be as accurate and precise as possible, even if you aren’t working at lightning speed.

I think it’s worth noting, and not just for knife skills.

I’ve certainly had situations where I wanted to get fast a little too quickly, and it’s always come back to bite me later. If you do it fast but wrong, it’ll just stay wrong forever. Only by insisting on doing it right, will you learn to do it right.

This goes for web development, love, parenting, job hunting, learning Dvorak, and much more.


As for dvorak, there's just the matter of those Danish chars -- any way to superseed that through precision?
By Steffen Christensen on Tue, Jan 03, 06 at 17:16 · Reply
No solution, other than avoiding writing in Danish. And the Mac has reasonable shortcuts using the option key. Before Dvorak I was using US keyboard layout anyway. What I was alluding to was that I was too impatient while learning Dvorak, so I still hit the wrong keys too often for my taste. I should've compromised speed for accuracy. Still trying to.
By Lars Pind on Tue, Jan 03, 06 at 17:16 · Reply

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