Dvorak, continued

I am now at the stage in my transition, where I am not quite as fast on Dvorak as I was on qwerty, but then, it has completely destroyed my speed on qwerty. I am not too worried, though. Dvorak feels really good and I have no reason to believe I won’t get faster still.

There is also the added advantage of fever errors, both because keys are placed better, and because switching offers a chance to relearn your typing skills and eliminate any bad habits that have crept in over the years.

But I am also starting to get impatient and look at the keys instead of the printed keyboard layout I have in front of me, or to just let my motor memory type, which inevitably still ends in errors as my fingers still do the occasional qwerty.

The final Mac OS X weirdness is that when logging in after turning my laptop on, I have to enter my password in qwerty, which I can no longer do without looking at the keys, so I have to use tho built-in keyboard just for that.


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