Why did the democrats loose?


A handful democrats speculate in The New York Times over why they lost the election to Bush.

Was it that they didn’t talk enough about God, the church, that they weren’t anti-abortion or anti-gay-marriage enough? Was it that they were seen as weak on terror? Was it that Kerry didn’t have anything to say?

Or was it that they lost the Hispanics? The rural America?

I know this is pure wishful thinking, but all this speculation makes it obviously clear that the United States needs a system where the winner doesn’t take it all. Maybe there’s x number of people who are pro-choice, and y number of people who are anti-abortion. It would be nice if they could be represented proportionally. The election system currently gives too much weight to the winning majority, and too little weight to the minority.

Worse, it assumes that you’re either one or the other. That you’re either democratic or republican. There’s no in-between, there’s no Z axis that takes you to a completely different set of political opinions.

But you can’t change the political system without first being in power, so in the meantime I’m going to read Don’t Think of an Elephant.


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