So a couple of people probably saw this happening … definitely a few people saw it happening over the past few days … some even helped me get set up with everything I needed to get up and running. Anyway, I’m posting this from my brand new PowerBook, and I’m about as excited as I was the first time I ran Linux on my desktop for the first time some five years ago.

It’s a thrill to see how things are actually shifting in this industry for the first time in many years, what with Microsoft looking confused over Longhorn, while Apple just keeps on pushing out really useful, usable products. It’s a pretty neat strategy, they have going, what with the lean adoption curve of getting an iPod, like I did in the fall, which, eventually, leads to a full-blow switch. Sweet. Good going. No step three… (oh, and thanks to David for suggesting I just cancel my Apple store order and run down to the local Fona 2000 to pick one up.)


Welcome to the club! Are you now developing OpenACS stuff locally?
By Guan Yang on Fri, Sep 10, 04 at 20:12 · Reply
Soon Not quite yet, I'm setting things up right now :)
By Lars Pind on Fri, Sep 10, 04 at 20:12 · Reply
Welcome aboard You'll never regret it! I've been using Mac's since about 1988. Heck - I used to sell them in the mid 90s. I remember good old System 6 and I've been carried along since then. But MacOS and Unix in one? Almost too good to be true!! Damn I hate using windows PCs at client sites...
By Mark Aufflick on Fri, Sep 10, 04 at 20:12 · Reply
MacOS and Unix in one C'mon Mark - surely you remember using A/UX... :)
By russell muetzelfeldt on Fri, Sep 10, 04 at 20:12 · Reply

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