Can I rent your car to go to Berlin

Looking at going to Berlin by car.

All looked hunky-dory for a minute: Car rental is DKK 1.000 for a whole weekend, including insurance. But wait, that only includes 250 km. There are 1.500 km from Copenhagen to Berlin. Adds up to DKK 4.000, not including gas. Forget it!

(You can rent a car in Sweden with free miles, but then you’re not allowed to take it into Denmark, unless you get some transit permit from the police.)

Question: Does anybody know of a car rental in Denmark that has free or very cheap miles?

Or does anybody have a car that they’re willing to lend us (for money) in the weekend Feb 14-15?

UPDATE: I’ve received quite some response so far, including Sille/Caroline who pointed me to dyt-dyt.dk. They advertise free miles, but then when we called them, they quoted a price of 2.500, which is 1.000 above what it should be according to their price list, becase we were going so far … so while still cheap, the miles apparently still aren’t all free, like they claim. Is that legal according to Danish marketing laws?


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