Knowing and being yourself

I started reading First, Break All the Rules more than a year ago, but I simply haven’t managed finish it ever since. Maybe it’s because the message-that we all have unique talents, things we’re conditioned to excel at, and that we should focus on improving what we’re good at instead of remedying what we suck at-clicked with me so quickly that I find the rest of the book full of needless, endless repetitions.

Not so with the sequel, Now, Discover Your Strenghts, which I started reading just yesterday. If you don’t need convincing about the idea, I’d recommend just picking up this. It’s much more consice, practical, and useful, explaining clearly the concepts of strenghts, knowledge, skills, and talents, and putting them to use right away. It has a catalog of 34 strength themes, and an online tool-which I’m going to try in a minute-to help you find out where your talents lie, so you know what you should bet your future on.

Hm. I really hate that they only let you take the survey once per copy of the book you buy. That’s absurd.


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