Busy couple of weeks

I haven’t been posting a whole lot over the last few weeks, because it’s been very hectic around here. My business have been looking for new office space for a while, and finally moved into Havnegade 39 yesterday. Very nice place, nice people, I think we’ll stay here for a while. Indeed nice to have that settled.

Then there was the conference on Open Source software in the public administration in Denmark, which was very exciting. More than 300 people turned out, which is clear proof that more and more people recognize that open source makes good business sense. I also got the chance to attend a private gathering afterwards, with the two US keynote speakers from the conference, Tony Stanco and Bruce Perens. It was very encouraging to hear how Tony considered the “war” between open source software and proprietary software a done deal: The forces have been awakened, and it’s only a matter of time before almost all software development will be open source. Why? Because it’s supported by the two major western european forces: Democracy and Capitalism.

I spent Friday at the Open Space conference held by the Danish Entrepreneur’s Society. It was very encouraging to meet with all those like-minded people, and to really feel that the cultural revolution that I talked about here a couple days ago is a reality: It’s happening here, now, even in this home land of the Law of Jante. Beautiful.

Other than that, I’ve been spending time on doing sales pitches for our knowledge management and e-learning solutions. Phew!

Early tomorrow morning I’m on my way to Jutland, to pick the brain of my Uncle, Andreas Schou, a very successful entrepreneur indeed, and a role model of mine (when is he going to win the Entrepreneur of the Year award?). I’m very excited about that. After that, it’s off to my second home, Testrup Højskole, where I’ll help produce this year’s yearbook, which I took the initiative to giving a facelift back in 1996. It’s going to be a mini-reunion of the original crew, and it’s going to be a lot of fun. Never forget to contribute to things that don’t count on the bottom line :-)

Alright, I’m off. Take care :)


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