...they define talent as “a recurring pattern of thought, feeling, or behavior that can be productively applied.” The emphasis here is on the word “recurring”. Your talents, they say, are the behaviors you find yourself doing often. You have a mental filter that sifts through your world, forcing you to pay attention to some stimuli, while others slip past you, unnoticed. Your instinctive ability to remember names, rather than just faces, is a talent. Your need to alphabetize your spice rack and color-code your wardrobe is a talent. So is your love of crossword puzzles, or your fascination with risk, or your impatience. Any recurring patterns of behavior that can be productively applied are talents. The key to excellent performance, of course, is finding the match between your talents and your role.—from First, Break All the Rules p71.

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Phillip Harrington

I read the follow up I highly recommend "Now, Find Your Strengths" based on reading it. There is a compainion quiz online to help you find your strengths.
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