Leadership Tip - When You DON'T Know, Act Like You DO Know

We all end up in situations where we don't know how to do something. This can be a great place to be, or it can be a cop out - it's up to you. 

Tune in to this Leadership Tip to see how the right approach can help you figure anything out. 

Video Highlights: 

  • Wonder questions vs. defensiveness
  • The big question 
  • Where to start when you don't know 

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Want More Tips for Figuring Anything Out?

Whether it's at work or in your personal life, knowing how to figure things out is essential to growth.

These bonus tips will help. 

Hype Yourself Up 

It takes some confidence to know that you can figure things out. So when you feel stuck in not knowing, instead of letting any negative thoughts take over, hype yourself up. 

Take a moment to think of some of the recent things you've accomplished, no matter how small. 

Break it Down 

If you have a big project, life change, or task and you don't know how to do it right off the bat, breaking it down into smaller chunks will help. 

Figuring out smaller steps will be way easier than figuring out the whole thing at once, and accomplishing the smaller parts will motivate you to keep going. 

Learn From Feedback 

Once you figure the thing out, you're going to get feedback.

It might be from yourself, your team, or your boss.

Instead of getting defensive, acknowledge that you did your best with what you knew at the time and apply the feedback to improve your first attempt and do better on the next one. 

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