Here’s what my clients and employers have said about me. I’ll be happy to provide you with contact information for these people.

Herbert Huber, Siemens ICN, Feb 12th, 2002:

Lars Pind helped implement our ShareNet knowledge management system at Siemens ICN. He impressed me with his ability to quickly understan the problems we were trying to solve, his flexibility in coming up with solutions to those problems. In general, he worked on or ahead of schedule, being quick to realize solutions.

But most importantly, what made us repeatedly bring him over from New York to Munich, was his ability to come up with creative, alternative and effective solutions to hard problems.

Bruno Mattarollo, Systems Administrator, Greenpeace International, Feb 1, 2002:

I am extremely pleased with the work done by Lars. It was highly professional, very detailed and fast! The recommendations proposed were very accurate and useful. They made us think about all the implications of the analysis, an analysis that was anything but superficial.

The recommendations document coming out of the code review Lars did is a very valuable document for us. We are using it to plan the next phase of the project, and it has proven to be very helpful and has made our job much easier and more accurate.

Thanks a lot!

Richard Buck, SVP of Development, ArsDigita, Dec 13, 2001:

Lars Pind worked for arsDigita for 2 years. He worked for me as chief UI architect for the past 9 months. During a recent and large reduction, I consolidated people by office, eliminating both the New York and Berkeley offices with which Lars had worked. Under no other circumstances would I have let Lars go, and I considered for quite some time asking him to stay on from his home office, rather than losing his UI instincts and his broad experience in collaboration and knowledge sharing. He was very well respected as a developer, having led the design and implementation of our first workflow product, and he was also a keen UI and usability thinker. He had done much of our earliest work in collaboration, and his experience and insights were always helpful. He got along well with everyone in the office.

I enjoyed working with Lars and would definitely hire him again.

Bruno Mattarollo, Greenpeace International, Feb 1, 2002:

Coming Feb 1, 2002…
Kaj Grønbæk, Associate Professor, University of Aarhus, Dec 16, 1998:

Lars Pind has been employed as a student programmer on a research project within the area of open hypermedia. The project has in particular been focusing on development of open hypermedia infrastructures for augmenting the Web with new collaboration services.

Lars has been responsible for programming of the inter-process communication (IPC) infrastructure, as well as core functionality for one of the structure servers being developed. Lars has shown an excellent performance on these programming tasks. He has also shown to be very clever at learning new tools and techniques that he was not familiar with on beforehand.

Henrik Munk-Andersen, DSI Planova A/S, Aug 12, 1997:

Lars has developed and implemented a new software application for production management in our factory producing shop fittings in wood.

The process involved everything from discovering and documenting the procedures of the organization, researching the market for appropriate production management applications, researching development tools and platforms, and specification, design, implementation and testing the system.

Development was started on January 2, 1997 and was ready for production on May 1 same year. The system is fully in use as of today.

Lars has proven to be both fast and effective in getting a firm grasp on things, in particular in understanding our company, our products, and our market.

In the design of the system, he has been good at integrating the needs of the company with the needs of the users and the technical implementation. In this respect, he’s been especially talented at getting behind the words and understanding our user’s real needs, and then finding the best way to fill that need.

During the whole project, he’s been an independently working, engaged, and pro-active coworker, who was also a great team player.

Henrik Lykke Hansen, DSI DATA A/S, Jan 12, 1994:

We’re pleased to provide Lars Pind our strongest recommendation. He was employed at DSI DATA as a systems consultant in our consulting division, developing client applications. It is of vital importance that our consultants are able to both understand and empathize with the needs of the client, and to translate that into a practical solution.

Lars embodies this skill, though we won’t say that he is yet fully developed. While employed, he’s had the opportunity to work on projects of varying characteristics, from the highly structured, to the completely unspecified.

What we especially value about Lars is his ability to:

  • Work with a team
  • Concretize the task
  • Conduct client negotiations with kindness and tact
  • Reaching a goal (from unstructured needs to useful solution)

And last, but not least:

  • Being able to learn with a smile

For these reasons, we give Lars our warmest recommendations, in a world thirsting for profitable and understandable solutions.


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