The Calvin Show Episode #6: How I Started Simplero (and some other stuff)

Episode 6 has arrived!

In this episode, I talk with Ari about my path to starting Simplero.

Like much of what I talk about, the philosophies I espouse and the principles that have truly brought me success are not just what I've found in books or heard from other people. Not to say that external input isn't useful, but success didn't come to me until I figured out what I actually wanted.

Simplero came into existence because I stopped listening to the noise of the world and started listening to myself. It wasn't rocket surgery. And it worked.


I'd love to hear any stories you might have about experiencing something similar, so please comment and share!

Some fun moments from the show:

0:50 — Question: How did Simplero get started? 1:23 — I explain to Ari what a TRS-80 was. (Raise your hand if you knew the answer!!) 2:55 — I thought I would be Bill Gates-level successful by 30…and was a bit put-out when that didn’t happen 4:30 — There’s nothing you have to prove to anyone. Not even yourself. 7:10 — Being in tune with what life was presenting to me, and what I really wanted, was the a-ha moment that started it all 12:25 — How I decided on the name Simplero 13:00 — Hi Periscope viewers!!!

I hope you enjoy the episode. If you have questions, send them to us and we'll answer in the video!


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