The Calvin Show Episode #5: Allowing Ourselves to Get Well

We're on to Episode 5.

Ari and I have both been sick, so today's conversation centers around how to allow ourselves the time and space to get well.

For so long, I pushed myself even if I didn't feel good because my self esteem was tied to my "productivity." Productivity is in quotes there for a reason. It took me almost 40 years to move beyond this state of mind, and I would love to share with you how I did it.

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Some fun moments from the show:

2:25 — Question: How do you allow yourself the time and the space to get well? 4:41 — We all have things we have to get done, but I mostly spend my time doing things I want to do. 5:28 — I have A-days and B-days…what are those, you ask??? 10:00 — The more relaxed you are, the more effective you’ll be if shit hits the fan 15:05 — If we JUST pay attention to how we feel, we make better decisions for ourselves

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First, I love the air guitar. I play air drums. We could start a band! Second, the elevator pitch is dried up and I love how you sort of glaze over it as a non-issue… ~~*~~ Important ~~*~~ I love this idea of choosing what you do with your time and there is a freedom in it even when it hits the fan! As a zen therapist, I really love how you did focus on suffering comes (your dad's voice) and in that, is wisdom. I want to interview you one of these days on this - love it. This was a great show. The content freak in me wants you to have it transcribed and put into a course!
By Michele Paiva on Wed, Mar 02, 16 at 10:01 · Reply
I play the air drums, we can start a band! Like the Beatles, only in a quantum physics string theory kinda way. I loved this show BIG time. As a zen therapist (that is blessed to have Simplero), you really touched on some cool buddhist concepts. The idea of suffering, the idea of impermanence, the focus of self-love, self-care and mostly, of accepting what is. Nothing lasts forever alas, it does not mean it goes into a negative place either - "this" may not last but it could get better. Chances are, statistically, it will. I've love to video interview on this one of these days, as I think these messages are huge especially for a generation up and coming that are told that they are lazy, unworthy, entitled.. I've yet to meet a generation-x slouch, but have met a ton of superficial people in my age range complaining about their money and love problems, holding a "Coach" bag and all the bells and whistles of superficiality. Anyway, the content freak in me wants you to turn this into a transcribed lesson - would be SO awesome. Thank you for this - awesome work. Feel better!
By Michele Paiva on Wed, Mar 02, 16 at 10:08 · Reply

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