The Calvin Show Episode #3: Daily Routines

Episode 3 of The Calvin Show is up.

Today, we're tackling a question from Troels about my daily routines: What am I doing now, how have they changed over time, what's worked, and what hasn't.

It was another fun episode to "tape", and I hope the energy and enthusiasm and fun translates through the interwebs.

We've also started live periscoping while taping, so if you want to tune in for that, follow me on Twitter or, I guess, on Periscope. Hey, technology!


Here are few fun moments from this episode:

0:45 — The Question 1:00 — The Answer 2:55 — Apple Watches actually aren’t silly 3:48 — Why I have a Today List not a to-do list 5:35 — Ari takes a sip of coffee 8:25 — I reveal my super-secret efficient email system 11:48 — Sometimes when you’re doing big, creative projects you need to clear your calendar

PS. Don't worry, if video is not your thing. I'll be writing text-only stuff again in the future. I'm just pretty obsessed with video right now.


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