Be There Now

I was working with a client the other day, someone who wants to be a successful actor. So I asked her to feel in her body right now what it'll be like when she's successful, when she's reached her goal. What will it feel like?

Often times, we realize that we'll have to be a different person on a feeling or sensing level. Somewhere in our body, we'll have to feel different in order to step into that reality. Maybe there's an area that's currently a bit numb, a bit out of reach of our feeling and awareness, that we'll have to embrace. Maybe there's a posture, a thought pattern, or a habit of some sort we'll have to let go of.

We tend to believe that when the outer is just so, then I'll feel this way.

In my experience, it's the other way around.

The other day, I did this with an actress. She realized she has been so attached to the "struggling, aspiring" actress, she forgot to actually step into being the successful actress.

I've been doing it a lot with music and songwriting lately. Who will I have to be in order to be the musician and songwriter that I'm dreaming of? Well, for one thing, I have to be someone who loves the sounds and words that I make. That hasn't been how I've approached it most of the time.

My unconscious thought process would be that I'll love my music and my words when they're good enough. But that's not how it works. If every time I make something, I immediately judge it and criticize it, that's going to keep me stuck in this rut forever.

The other day, I took a whole day to try and see if I could write, record, and produce 20 songs from scratch, in a 12-hour period. Melody, lyrics, recording, arrangement, everything. I only got 8 done, but it was incredibly liberating. There was no time for judgment and endless tinkering. It was just love everything that reaches my ears, accept it as part of the music, and move on. It was so much fun.

Whatever new reality you're trying to create, imagine in your body how it'll feel, and let that feeling be your guide. Whenever you work on it, make sure to step into this feeling first, then take action.



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