What If Everything Is Exactly as It's Supposed to Be Right Now?

I was at Wisdom 2.0 Business here in New York recently and after listening to all the speakers and talking to people, this sentence kept ringing in my head:
What if everything is exactly at it's supposed to be right now?
It felt to me like a lot of people who were into mindfulness and meditation to get away from something they didn't like, or to perform better at their jobs.

I'm all for peak performance, of course.

But I'm even more for loving the present moment. Loving what is. Myself, and everything "outside" of me. All of it. No matter how much I may think I disagree with it, or think it "should" be different.

This sentence first started circling around in my head in 2009.

It felt like heresy at first.

"No, things are NOT as they should be. I should be more successful, I should be making more money, I should be happier. I need to push myself hard or things will never change, they will stay this way forever, and that would be unbearable."

Suggesting the thought to the people around me, I got the same response. "How can you say they are how they should be when we're in debt and we don't know where the money is going to come from and this is wrong and that is wrong?"

It's so ingrained in our culture to always focus on and point out what's wrong, unacceptable, what needs to be fixed, that we never realize that it's become a way of life. We're afraid to stop this constant judgment. We're afraid something awful would happen if we stopped with the judging for even a minute.

But that's exactly what's needed.

Only by loving ourselves, loving the present moment, loving everything, can we find that center of power within that lets us live a life of truth.

Everything really is as it should be, right now.

You. Your feelings. Your accomplishments. Your needs and desires. Your pain. Your body. The world. The pain and suffering in others. Politicians. The government. Taxes. Your boss. That client that keeps annoying you. The way your wife loads the dishwasher. Your bank account. Your banker. Your parents. Your neighbors.

What if all of it is exactly as it should be? How would that change things?



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