How the universe intervened to help me with my writing space

Sometimes when we’re busy trying to get things done, crossed off our to-do list, it pays to pay attention to the feedback you’re getting from the universe.

In January, I replaced my trusted 11” MacBook Air with a new 15” Retina Display MacBook Pro. Since then, I’ve had the old MacBook Air lying around, not getting around to selling it.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I finally decided to put it up for sale on Ebay. I immediately started to get bids, and it was looking good. Then Ebay decided to suspend my account and my listings because they thought it was fraud.

I was annoyed. I called them up, and had to spend 30 minutes on the phone waiting for me to do their thing. Then it turned out the guy had forgotten to complete the process so I had to call again to get that fixed. Then I never got around to reposting my laptop.

But now that I’m in this groove of book writing, I’m so happy they did that. It was divine intervention. Because I’ve found that I write really well when I’m out and about, writing at The Bean or Starbucks or while waiting at the IRS office. And it’s such a big help to not have my full computer with all of the stuff that I have there, such as the full development environment for zenbilling.

The 11” Air is both more portable, and it allows me to focus more in my writing. And it’s a great way to shift me into a different mode. Our environment can be powerful in conditioning us to certain behaviors. Like if you have a specific spot in the house that you always meditate, going to that space alone is going to start to get you in that meditative state. Or when I had sleep problems, I remember one of the key recommendations was always to make sure you to get up and not lie awake in bed, because you want your bed to be a strong trigger for sleep, not for being awake.

Having a different laptop, that happens to be almost entirely clean of any software or data, is great for my writing.

Writing at irs office

Another example that happened juts last week was that IRS office visit. I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t necessary. But my lawyer said it was, so I suspended my intuition and went. The first day, I waited for about an hour and a half, and then had to leave for an appointment. During that hour and a half, I didn’t see a single person getting called. The lady at the desk said to come 8.30 next morning.

So next morning I was there 8.20, and was number 7 in line. I waited for a little over an hour before getting called. Turns out there was only a single agent at work that day, despite there being more than 20 available windows. After about 8 minutes, she told me that I couldn’t get a taxpayer identification number, because starting a company was not a reason to get one. So that whole time going there and back and waiting twice was wasted, because I listened to neither my intuition nor the feedback I was getting from the universe.

So the next time you experience pushback from the universe, stop and ask if it’s just testing you, or it’s an invitation to find another way forward. You don’t want to give up just because it’s a little challenging. But generally, life’s supposed to be easy. When it’s not, it’s time to step back and notice the signs around you.

Where have YOU experienced something similar in your life?

I want to hear.

With love,



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