In India...

… people don't use toilet paper. They rinse their butt with fresh water from a hose next to the toilet.

It makes so much more sense than the toilet paper. Why not wash it properly when you're done? With the paper, there's always some left, and it's just nasty. Wash it, and it's gone. Of course, then you have to wash your hand, and then they'll only use their right hand for eating and such.

But to me it just makes perfect sense. No dead trees needed.

The one thing that I don't like, though, is walking around with a wet butt. They way I'm told it works, they'll rinse, then sit for a couple minutes to allow the excess water to drip off. In this climate it's not so bad. And if you're wearing a Lungi, again, it's not so bad.

But walking around with a wet butt in jeans? Me no like. I like to dry my ass in a towel before I put my pants back on.

The little details of life as a human … :)

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Alexander Kjerulf

Solution: Japanese toilets! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYvl1iRTsKI
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