Steven Pressfield: Committed to what?

Steven Pressfield keeps the hits coming:

Which brings me back to depth of commitment and the question, “What, then, are we committed to?” Here’s how I answer that for my own life:

I’m not committed to any specific endeavor. Not a family or a cause or a field of enterprise. Not an ideal of service or sacrifice, not an art, not a people or a calling.

My commitment is to the spirit inhering within me.

Is an acorn committed to becoming an oak? An acorn can only respond to the imperative of life within it.

That’s my commitment too.

That's exactly my point with conscious startups. We shouldn't focus so much on the mechanics and the financial outcome. We should focus on how successful we are at bringing out the spirit within us, as entrepreneurs, and within the startup, as a separate entity.

That's it. Everything else is secondary.



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