In the past month, I've had several massive breakthroughs, both in my yoga practice (padmasana, maricyasana d, supta kurmasana, dropbacks, and completing all of primary series), in my love life, in my business, in my financial situation, in other personal areas, and in how I feel about myself and my life.

When something like that happens, my natural tendency is to ask myself: What caused it? What was the decisive factor responsible for this? Was it the yoga causing my heart to open causing my love life to blossom? Was it the business and finances giving me security and thus balancing my root chakra which then helped my body and heart open, improving my yoga practice and my love life? Was it the healing work I did with Anglika which removed some deep and old blocks which then caused all the other things to fall into place? Was it just time, having worked patiently on zenbilling for so long, and having worked patiently on my practice for so long (if you can consider 8 months long). Was it something to do with my diet? What was it?

The answer could be "all of the above", of course, or "some combination". The honest answers is "I don't know, and I can't ever know for sure".

But it could also be that a higher intelligence, a universal consciousness of which I am a part, orchestrated all of those events and breakthroughs, in support of each other, and in support of some evolutionary leap whose time had come - I was ready, and the universe was ready.

As they say in statistics, correlation does not imply causality. There could very well be a deeper root cause that I don't know about. At the very least, it's more fun to think that way :)



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