God's race

In the documentary about Formula One racer Ayerton Senna, and something struck me.

Senna talks a lot about God, and God helping him win races.

My thought: What does God care about Formula One and fast cars? It's just a man-made thing.

And then I realized: But wait, Man is made by God, so man-made things are also a part of God's creation.

What if there isn't a "God-made" part and a "Man-made" part of the world? What if all of this world - including all the things we like to label "bad" - are all part of God's creation?

I know this is what I believe, the only thing that logically makes sense, once you accept God (whatever God is to you) as the creator of all things.

But hearing Ayrton Senna say this made me realize that unconsciously, I hadn't accepted it.

Unconsciously I had rejected some things as lower-grade, "man-made", and that category would necessarily include aspects of my own self, so therein is also a rejection of parts of my own human, worldly self.

I mean, why wouldn't God love Formula One? Why wouldn't God absolutely love fast cars? Why wouldn't God want us to enjoy ourselves, have fun, play with the 3D world - to play with speed, gravity, and to take it to the limit, see what we can do with it, push at the edges? Why not? That's why we were given this 3D world to play in, no?

Great great movie, btw. Thanks to my friend Harsha for the recommendation.


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