What the Indians know - intuitively

The Indians have got so many things figured out.

There's the yoga, of course. They figured that one out, without the benefit of x-rays and modern science.

Ayurveda seems quite intelligent, too. It's all about promoting health and wealth and well-being and spiritual growth by living in harmony with nature, both inner and outer, and eliminating blocks of flow.

And their food is amazing, and it's all vegetarian. Yes, you can get meat, but most people don't, and most restaurants don't serve it. They don't serve alcohol, either. After more than two weeks as a vegetarian, I'm like "why would you even want to throw a piece of dead animal in there?"

Yesterday I was reading about how they shit here, and it turns out that squatting empties out the intestines much better, effectively eliminating colon cancer.

I'm fascinated with the things Indian's have figured out intuitively and naturally thousands of years ago, versus how much we've messed ourselves and our world up, using our rational minds.

In the biography, Steve Jobs is quoted as saying that he "began to realize that an intuitive understanding and consciousness was more significant than abstract thinking and intellectual logical analysis".

I think he was on to something. We need to give intuitive knowing a much more prominent place in our world, in private, as well as government and business.




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