Love and strength

Strength without love is torture. Love without strength is weakness. Love and strength together is divine power.

When you are strong because you love yourself, and you naturally want to stretch yourself and express your inner strength and power from that base of love, then you have divine powers. The more you exert that strength, the stronger and happier you become.

When strength comes from a base of self-hate, of having to be strong in order to prove your worth, when it comes with an inner dialogue that criticizes you for not being strong enough, then you're building on quicksand. You're torturing yourself, and eventually, something's going to give in. If nothing else, your health.

Finding that inner strength based in love is magical. We all know intuitively that it exists, but we tend to chase it through strength-without-love, which doesn't work.

Love must be the foundation.

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Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

Hi Calvin, So beautifully summed up! Great to know that there are more thinking people like me around in today's age also. Love, according to me, empowers you and strengthens you from within. Being loved can indeed be the most wonderful feeling in the world! :)
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