How do you feel about change?

I love change. I seek out change. I yearn for change.

Because I have a feeling that I'm not yet being fully me. I'm still discovering, uncovering, who I am. I'm getting closer, asymptotically.

I don't enjoy any change, of course. I enjoy change that brings me closer to home, closer to who  I am in my essence.

And I resist change, too. I resist when others try to change me. I resist when I try to change myself too forcefully. And there are areas where parts of me that stubbornly want to hang on to some old survival mechanisms, that keep pulling me back, and resist any attempt to change.

But overall, I love change.

I love the newness, the freshness of it.

I love feeling how my body becomes stronger and more flexible and more upright and more beautiful by the day, as I do my Ashtanga practice every morning, 6 days a week.

I love the feeling of lightness in my mind, body and spirit as another deep layer of fear dissolves, as love slowly sinks deeper and deeper into the recesses of my being, and as reservoirs of old stinky stored-up emotions are released back to where they came from.

I really want to hear from YOU.

How do you feel about change?

Do you generally like change or hate change? Why?

Do you hate certain kinds of changes? Which ones? Why?

Talk to me in the comments.


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