How are you talking to yourself?

What kind of words do you use when you talk to yourself, inside your head?

What tone of voice are you using?

Is it loving? Is it critical? Is it understanding? Is it toxic? Is it compassionate?

Most of us have a very critical inner dialogue. Our inner voice is often telling us we're too this or not enough that, that we're ugly, fat, untalented, stupid, poor, soft, sensitive, arrogant, insecure, whatever.

Just know that whenever you hear an inner voice say anything but the most loving, gentle, kind, compassionate words on the most loving, gentle, kind, and compassionate tone of voice, it's lying. It doesn't have your best interests at heart. And you'd do better to ignore it.

Acknowledge that it exists. It's really trying to do its best for you. It's trying to make sure you survive.

But it's full of it, and it is not doing anything to help you.

Don't believe in it.

It is just a thought, and it's not even yours.

Don't pay attention to it.

Instead, look in the mirror and tell yourself how much you love you!


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