I think he's on to something here

Jonathan Fields

When we parallel screen-play as adults, we often remain physically present, but are, in every other way – emotionally, spiritually, psychologically – somewhere else. We’ve slipped so effortlessly into the digital abyss, we don’t even notice our playmate. Nor they us, having similarly dissolved into their own plain-view private screen life. Neither person realizes when the other’s left, because each remains physically installed, though for all intents and purposes, their brains have left the building.

Guilty as charged, and I think it’s really important that we retrain ourselves to be present. It goes for meetings and conferences and other social activities at work as well. It’s so easy to get consumed by our devices and completely zoom out.

The shocking thing is how utterly absent we really are. I mean, someone could almost fall down and die right next to us, and we wouldn’t notice.

Something to be aware of.

I’m not a fan of restricting and setting limits. I’m much more in favor of putting focus on what we want more of.

Better to focus on and cherish the face-to-face time. Make it playful and fun.


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