What Conscious Startups are all about

The state of tech entrepreneurship is broken.

  • People are burning out by working way too hard.
  • The venture capital model pushes startups to an exit, yet most acquisitions end up as failures for the original idea, vision, product, and effort of the people involved.
  • The interests of the founders and investors are usually not aligned
  • Far too much emphasis on the money and the exit, rather than on making something customers will love, and doing something truly meaningful

What would happen if we brought more consciousness to the game?

  • What if the vision and the inspiration for the company came, not from the left brain, but from our intuition, the heart, our higher consciousness, our soul?
  • What if we had the courage to uncover and express the company’s soul?
  • What if the company expressed its soul in its products, its marketing, its customer service, in recruiting, finances, legal, IT?
  • What if we brought more awareness to our work in the company, every day?

I think we would see:

  • More inspired, innovative products and business ideas.
  • Companies that know who they are and what they stand for - and who don’t buckle under pressure. 
  • More business that become forces for positive change, while at the same time making big money
  • Happier employees
  • Happier customers

And that’s really really important.

But I also think we’d see:

  • Significantly lower failure rates
  • Much greater day-to-day effectiveness and true productivity
  • Less wasted effort on things that don’t matter or products that end up being canceled because they were poorly conceived of
  • More resonant marketing, because people want to buy from people they resonate with
  • More competitive barriers, “secret sauce” - a soul cannot be copied
  • Happier and more wealthy investors
  • Happier and more wealthy founders

That’s the promise of Conscious Startups.

For years, people kept telling me I was crazy.

Now I’m here at Wisdom 2.0, and it’s abundantly clear, I wasn’t crazy.

This is real. It’s happening. And it’s good on both the inner and the outer level.

Thanks for your support!

Please join, share, and do what you feel called to do, to move this movement forward.


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