Google's patent wars

John Gruber quoting Philip Elmer-DeWitt:

The difference is that Apple actually invented the technology it accused HTC — and by proxy, Google — of “stealing” (to use Steve Jobs’ verb). One of the patents Apple cited in its 2010 suit —  Patent No. 7479949 — is a 358-page document signed by Jobs himself that covers everything from the way a finger touches the screen of a smartphone to the heuristics that turn those touches into commands.

HTC and Google, by contrast, are accusing Apple (whose smartphone designs they have plainly copied) of violating patents they bought fourth or fifth hand.

I don’t think there’s any doubt who the creative and innovative part is here.

It’s a shame that Google has lost their mojo. They were founded on genius, but now they’re pure left-brain activity, no soul, no heart ,no life. I guess 10 years with Eric Schmidt would do that to you.


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