Recording live calls

I usually do live calls using GoToWebinar (which I hate, but it's the best product I've found, unfortunately - web 2.0, where are you, when will you catch up??) and then record them using WireTap Studio.

But as of OS X Lion, WireTap Studio can't record the audio from applications anymore. Which sucks.

Recording my own voice is the easy part. The hard part is recording the voices of other people on the call when they're asking questions and engaging in dialogue.

Thankfully, it turns out that Screenflow can. So you can record the audio using Screenflow (both audio from microphone + computer audio - the last one is the trick), and then you can export it to an AIFF file (Lossless - Audio only), which you can then convert to MP3.

It's not pretty, but it works.

Why GoToWebinar doesn't offer to record the audio server-side, and let me download a simple MP3 file of the recording is beyond me.

RIP, Steve


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