It is your duty to grow

You have an obligation to grow.

Whatever old, inherited, dysfunctional patterns you don’t look at, deal with, and heal, someone else will have to.

Your children will. Your employees will. Your society will. The next generation will. Someone will.

Whatever piece of the puzzle you are here to share with the world that you don’t, someone else will have to. It’s the selfish choice not to face up to the challenge.

In my family, something wasn’t right in the relationship between my grandmother and my grandfather. That led to my parents marriage being off-balance in the same way. That led to my brother and myself marrying into the same dysfunctional pattern.

That cycle will continue until someone mans up and breaks the chain.

You have a moral obligation to grow more conscious, to deal with and heal your old patterns, so you don’t pass the same problems on to the next generation.

Let them deal with new and interesting problems, not the old ones that you didn’t care enough to clean up.

Make it your top priority. Growing is what we’re here for.


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