Steven Pressfield video interview

Video with Steven Pressfield answering reader questions, as part of the launch of Do the Work.

A few things stuck with me.

One is to just get down at the computer or typewriter or whatever every single day and just Do The (F**ing) Work. No excuses, just do it. Nothing new, just something that I seem to have to reminded of constantly.

And mind you, do The Work, not all kinds of other busyness-stuff.

Another one was that when you get down to do the work, you banish all negative, self-deprecating, self-limiting thoughts from your mind. Any thought that says you’re not smart enough, not worthy enough, not creative enough, not talented enough - just show them the door, and tell them to stay the f**k away.

Even though I know that, sometimes another voice will sneak in, saying “maybe that voice that says I’m not talented enough or worthy enough actually has a point and is worth listening to”.

Banish that thought as well. They do you no good.

Enjoy! I love Steven Pressfield’s work, as you’ve probably figured by now.


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