is Jon Stewart afraid?

Here’s what I like about the clip of Jon Stewart’s recent appearance on the O’Reilly Factor over the rapper Common’s visit to the white house:

Jon Stewart looks visibly scared of Bill O’Reilly.

Even though he’s used to having his own show, even though he’s used to be on TV, even though he’s had Tim O’Reilly as a guest many times on his own show, even though he’s been a guest on O’Reilly’s show several times … he’s still scared.

And he still goes on and does the interview.

A can see how he’d be scared. Bill O’Reilly is a terrifying person, you don’t want to cross him. I’d be absolutely terrified to go up against him.

It goes to show us that no matter what level you’re playing at, you can still be afraid, and you still need to overcome that fear.

Don’t count on that ever changing.

Better get used to it.


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