What's the purpose of your business?

What’s the purpose of a business?

Most people will tell you the purpose is to make money, to profit.

I say the purpose of a business is to create positive change in the world.

Why not?

We’re only here once. Just going for profits is aiming too low.

Sure, money is great, but it means nothing on your deathbed.

Having had an impact does.

And creating positive change will inspire your team and your customers and make everything else so much easier.

Sure, the business need to be profitable to survive.

But humans also need to eat to survive. And last I checked, you didn’t make that the reason for living (unless you’re a serious foodie).

Most of us live in order to love, and eat in order to live.

Businesses live in order to create positive change - love - and profit in order to live.

What’s the purpose of your business?


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