Insights from Twitter's forgotten founder

Noah Glass on that inner knowing:

At that time, even in the very early stages, I had this strange feeling that I had never had before - that this was something big. I felt it from the onset. People must have thought I was a crazy person because of the way I treated it. That may have been detrimental. I really felt strongly, more strongly than I felt about anything in the past and since then – that this is something massive sitting right here in front of us. All it needs is time to grow.

On failures before success:

Ev is very shrewd. He’s a very shrewd businessman, and he’s had a lot of practice. He’s had lots of failures in the past. He’s had some big failures in the past. That’s his business - to isolate and spot value where it is.

On investors’ ability to see the next big thing when it’s dangled right in front of their noses:

I pitched it at a board meeting. One of the very last board meetings, I think. I don’t know if the other guys got it. They kind of got it. But I don’t know if they fully got it. They saw it as a distraction.

Unless you sort of beat them over the head with it, they were never going to see the value in it. They saw it as a distraction from what they had invested in. They had invested in Odeo, and here I was telling them this thing is great, this is where we should be going. They’d say, “What about Odeo?”

All quotes from the interview with Noah Glass at Business Insider.


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