The elevator pitch

Do you know the feeling of trying to perfect your elevator pitch, anxiously gauging the reaction in the person you’re telling it to, hoping that they’ll truly care?

Who gives a rat’s ass?

How about if you truly care?

If you’re truly excited about this - not because you think it’ll give you something, not because you think it’ll make you tons of money, not because you think it’ll “change the world”, but because you truly care in the most deeply personal way - then who cares if that other person cares?

If he can feel your passion, that’s going to have an effect on him.

And if not, fuck him!

Stay at home. Stay with yourself.

Do something that you’re truly, truly excited about - for itself, not for what it’ll give you - and you’re sure to find other people who will respond to it.

Just be patient with it, and trust that the right people will be attracted to you. Slowly but surely.


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