Jamie Oliver on following your heart

About business being about healing and sharing love - Jamie Oliver is an amazing person and amazing business man. I’m full of admiration for what he’s done and where he’s coming from.

In Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, he went to Huntington, West Virginia, in order to try and do something radical about the food culture there, and ind all of America.

It’s really incredible, when you think about it, how the western world and the US has managed to invent the only diet in the world, which consistently kills people. All around the world people eat a wide variety of different diets, and all of them are generally good for humans. The American diet is awful for humans.

Reminds me, actually, of a sign I saw at some outside tables at Yosemite. They said be careful that the wild animals don’t eat your food, because they quickly get adjusted to the food and then they won’t eat their regular food, but it’s really unhealthy for them, and so they die. And I was thinking: “How is this different for humans?” It’s not. It’s just that we’re okay with humans dying from the food we eat.

Anyway, that wasn’t the topic I wanted to talk about. I wanted to share this clip with you from the very end of the first episode of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, where Jamie talks about following his heart.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXaeKL87CcY&w=640&h=390]

I’m just doing it ‘cause it feels right. And when I do things that feels right, magic happens. I’ve done some amazing things, you know? And that’s when I follow my heart. And when I never follow my heart, I always get it wrong.

I love his honesty - and his grammar! :)

But seriously, I really adore what the guy does, and his heart is so much in the right place, and it seems to pay off for him. Kudos.

An interesting detail of the show is that he forgets to get buy-in on the problem he’s trying to solved. He descends on this city with his camera crew in order to solve a problem, but the folks in the city don’t perceive there being a problem. And that’s why he finds himself in the bind he’s in, in this clip.

Once he demonstrates to people how young people are suffering from diabetes and kids are losing their parents way too early because of food related illnesses, then they start to come around and see things his way. A big blunder, but he saves it.

Jamie, rock on! I hope to meet you some day.

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