Lady Gaga: Look into the darkness

Another great clip from the Lady Gaga interview at Google that so resonates with the Fearless Entrepreneurs message:

When I go to the Monster Ball I see something so fearless and so special in my fans. But I also see something afraid. Something that I was. Something that I was unsure.

And I really encourage people to look into the darkness and look into places that you would not normally look to find uniqueness and specialness because that’s where the diamonds are hiding.

That can’t be said enough. Take it to heart.

I always liked her music, I didn’t realize she had the depth that she does. Makes me happy to witness.


Here’s another clip:

Obsess about today. Think endlessly about how you can pull the inner queen - or king - out of yourself and let that superstar shine. I don’t believe that fame is something that is obtainable. I believe it’s inside of you. It’s not something you can touch. It’s not tangible.

And one more:

Always look into yourself for the answer and be the best you you can be for the future.

The greatest piece of advice she has ever received:

If you don’t have any shadows, you’re not standing in the light.

Honoring your darkness:

The song is about honoring your darkness in order to bring yourself into the light. It’s kind of what I just mentioned to you about if you’re standing in the light you cast a shadow.

I have been haunted by my past for a very long time. And actually that’s a recurring theme on the album. It has a lot to do I think with identity and being able to be proud and say “I was born this way” but I was haunted by being able to go back to New York, being able to go back to my past, being able to understand why I made certain decisions that, instead of regretting them, I chose to embrace and understand why I made those choices.

And what the song Judas is about is, you have to look into what’s haunting you and you need to learn to forgive yourself in order to move on.

And she’s a cook (I’m a foodie, so I appreciate that):

I love cooking. I’m a really good cook, actually, which some of you may not know about me.

On Rebecca Black and other people putting her down:

I think Rebecca Black is a genius, and everyone who tells her she’s cheesy is full of shit!

On being one unified person:

Stephanie is also who I am. Gaga is just my nickname. It’s like when you’re a kid and your mom calls you Skip instead of calling you Johnny, she calls you Jonathan. It’s the same thing for me.

It was a way for me to release so many years of being told no by this business, and it’s actually funny because I didn’t shop around to record labels until I was calling myself Gaga, until people in New York knew me as Lady Gaga.

I really make absolutely no separation between Stephanie and Gaga, it is the absolute same person. It’s a gift I wish I could give to anyone - that if you went through hard times when you were a kid or in college or maybe you had a job where they fired you and you were poor for two years and then … I wish I could give that gift to anyone of being able to say “I rebuke all of that negativity and I am now a new person and I’m now going to be the queen I know that I can be”. And that’s really all that it is.

Seeing God in her fans:

I do believe that God comes in many forms and I don’t believe that we know what he looks like. That’s something that I actually address in Judas. But I see God in my fans. So every night when I look into the audience I feel like I see this force of beauty and - I don’t know, it’s just faith. So I see faith in my fans and that’s what keeps me strong, is them. When I go out there,

Neat stuff. It’s so easy to judge someone from just hearing the songs and seeing a few clips of some weird videos. And she’s only 25 (and her birthday is the day after mine).

Well done, Gaga!


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