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Ishita Gupta and Matt Atkinson publish a monthly magazine, Fearless Stories that is a must-read if you’re a fan of Fearless Entrepreneurs.

Their January issue featured a great interview with Steven Pressfield, whom I’ve mentioned time and time again here on the blog, but every issue is great.

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Here’s a few of my favorite quotes from the Steven Pressfield interview:

It’s like that famous cartoon from the new Yorker where a perplexed-looking person is standing in front of two closed doors. One door says “heaven” and the other says “Books about heaven.” It’s so much easier to read the books about heaven because you know, if I open that door and go to heaven, holy cow. I think we’re all terrified of that, to be what we’re meant to be. Because then all the responsibility lays on us and we can’t hide behind anything.

And this one:

I have another friend, who’s maybe ten years older than me who’s a mentor. he’s gay and when I first knew him and worked for him in the late sixties, he was the most unapologetically himself of anybody that I’ve ever known and it was tremen- dously inspirational to be around him because to be an open homosexual in those days was a big deal. he just said, “This is who I am. I don’t give a shit what any of you think.” And he did ex- actly what he wanted to do and he was fantastic about it, in business and in every other way. So I think that somehow fearlessness creates charisma.


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