What web app should I start?

I often have developers come to me asking about how to find their passion.

They get the idea that they should do something they’re passionate about.

They get that striking out on their own is what they feel compelled to do.

And they’re asking themselves “Which web app should I build that I would be really passionate about?”

And the first thing I do is always to try and broaden their perspective a bit.

Maybe - just maybe - the answer does not come in the form of a web app.

Turns out that Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS Shoes, was actually a programmer, just like the rest of us, when he founded TOMS.

He had co-founded a startup, and was about to burn out, so he went to Argentina for a month to recharge.

And that’s where he discovered the joys of putting shoes on children who had none, and his life changed.

Just because you’re a programmer today doesn’t mean that’s what your life’s work is going to be about.


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