Weekend inspiration: Building the business that only you can build

A little while ago I recorded this audio about building the business that only you can build. Something I care deeply about.

It's about 50 minutes worth of audio, perfect for a ride out of town for the weekend, or whatever suits you.

You will learn:

  • Why being you is more important than anything else
  • Why your head is a useful tool, but your heart will give you better guidance
  • How to discover what that business that only you can build might be

Download here.

There's also a mindmap in PDF format, which may be helpful to keep the big picture while listening.

I'd love to hear your feedback in the comments below.

Enjoy, and may you have an amazing weekend.


Hi Lars Thank very much for the audio. I found it very interesting. For the last 6 months I have tried to follow my heart and I make decisions that only feel right for me. By making these decisions I have been taken to places that I would never have dreamed off. At several occasions it feels like the universe is trying to help me to succeed. Does that make sense? Have a nice weekend! Zoë
By Zoë Escher on Fri, Oct 22, 10 at 18:24 · Reply
Never have I seen a mind map like that - it is stunning. And so is the information in it! Will download and listen this week, and try and give some thought to this. Thank you for sharing. (btw, think I may have mentioned this once, your path and thoughts are so like what I have been learning from Landmark Education)
By Maria in melbourne on Sat, Oct 23, 10 at 05:09 · Reply
Hi Maria Thank you. Don't know all that much about Landmark, but I suspect if you're working with how humans work, there would be a bit of overlap between all of the different things that work. //Lars
By Lars Pind on Mon, Oct 25, 10 at 14:35 · Reply
Hi Zoe Makes perfect sense! :) //Lars
By Lars Pind on Mon, Oct 25, 10 at 14:35 · Reply
Hei Lars, Takk for en inspirerende presentasjon! Jeg liker retningen du beveger deg med businessen din; gleder meg til å se/høre mer av deg. - HP
Thank you, HP, glad to hear that!
By Lars Pind on Wed, Nov 03, 10 at 08:14 · Reply

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