Because internet marketing ruins everything

Megan Morris at IdeaSchema.org:

This infoproduct — the word that makes me barf, so I say “learning kit” instead — was the crux of that realization for me. And then I set about figuring out how I could get it to you and somehow make you understand that this isn’t an internet marketing thing. Because internet marketing ruins everything, and I think you know that. If someone walked up to me and somehow convinced me the only way I could make a living was internet marketing I would shoot myself, because if that’s what’s going on, we’re all fucked. If our only substitute for helping and healing and connecting with each other is internet marketing, if it’s about making another 97 bucks and seeing how many people I can convince to break out PayPal, forget the fucking internet, the fun is over.

Couldn't agree more. Fuck internet marketing. It's so full of phony shit, it's maddening. No-one's being authentic.

Ironically, I think this is exactly why someone like Garyvee is making it big time. Because he's authentic. Because he'll never ever be there to sell you stuff. Because he makes sure winelibrary.com does not stock up on wines he talks about on the show. Because at the end of the day, what matters is trust.

The reason he's making it big is that all these other idiots are doing such stupid shit. Makes him stand out even more.

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David Aaron Fendley

Lars, I completely agree. I am, let's just say, familiar with a particular business that is all about "converting customers". It drives me crazy. I despise all those analytics buzzwords. Business should be run by passion. If a client wants a "page designed ideally to convert" traffic, I will fully admit to them that I cannot give them this. To me, they're looking for the wrong thing. I can, however, design a page creatively and artistically so that it makes an emotional connection with the visitor, so that it appeals to their intellect. This is far more effective at "conversion" anyways than all those traditional, bullshit business methodologies of "money back guarantee!". Besides, how can you really solve a problem, provide a solution, when conversions are your bottom line?
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