The war of art

Two years ago, one of my readers sent me a copy of The War of Art (Thanks, David, I'll never forget you).

It's a book about overcoming resistance (read: fear) to expressing your true self, your art, your thing.

Since then, I've come back to that book time and again, and I've given away many tens of copies to friends and participants on my courses.

Overcoming our deepest fears about expressing ourselves freely is the most important thing we humans can do. This is such an important realization.

A few months back, before my recent blogging resurgence, I came across this visual summary of the book. It's very nicely done, definitely worth taking a look at.

But get the book and read that, too.


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David Aaron Fendley

Lars, It fascinates me how people become connected. The direction the web took in the early to mid 2000s and on, a direction towards expression and connection through mediums such as blogs and Twitter, has single-handedly connected me to more long-term, life-long friends than any other medium I have experienced. Why? It's about expression. The web has allowed us to easily express ourselves. It's given us an emotional outlet. Many times this is bad (YouTube comments), but it's those moments when you connect with someone emotionally and intellectually that make it all worth it. Lars, Thank you for your inspiration, wisdom, and on-going friendship.
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