Great conference ideas

I'm fascinated with some of the cool conference ideas that are going on right now.

I'm in Vienna for Schnitzelconf right now. Signed up because of the name, basically.

This weekend sports Funconf, a one-day web conference on a bus, in Dublin. How can you not love that?

And in a couple of weeks there's Tahoe Tech Talks, sporting the coolest conference web site ever, and the ingenious $399 hotel + conference package deal.

I guess I'm going to have to put on my own one-day conference some day. The Rødgrødmedflødeconf or something. We'll see...


You should have it at the Tivoli - I'd come to that!
By Mark Aufflick on Wed, Sep 08, 10 at 08:40 · Reply
I love the idea of a conference on a bus! There's something about being on the road that is so mentally liberating and stimulating.
By David Aaron Fendley on Sun, Nov 07, 10 at 23:18 · Reply

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