I run into this all the time.

You have an idea. You'd like to do this. But you're not fully decided.

Making a firm decision - we're going to do this thing, no matter what - we're gonna make it happen - that kind of decision has immense power.

I'm always amazed when that power kicks in. You can see it in people. It's in their eyes. Their energy.

And deciding releases so much energy. Energy that was previously wasted on doubting, on going back and forth, on considering and reconsidering.

So make that decision.

Will you do it? Great, then really decide that you want to do it.

Not if it's not too hard.

Not if it doesn't cost too much.

Not if it's not too scary.

Not if people don't complain too much.

Not if there's not too many obstacles.

Not if you have the money to feel safe.

Decide. And then just do it.

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