Do them anyway

This week, I brought my amazing front-end developer Jeff up from his home in Italy to my home in Copenhagen. We've been coding, cooking, eating, working out, and had tons of fun.

We'd never met before. I discovered Jeff in May after Ryan Carson tweeted about him. Got in touch immediately. Have been working together since. But never met in real life.

I hesitated a bit. Maybe it wasn't worth the time and money to have him travel all the way up here. Maybe we could get just as much done remotely.

But boy, was it worth it. We got a ton done, we built the beginnings of a friendship, we had lots of fun. Overall a week I'll probably think back to years from now.

Life consists of experiences. That's the only thing you can really take with you. The things you've done. Your memories.

But in our daily lives it's so easy to decide against experiences like those. Cut costs, save the time and effort. I'm a bit tired.

There's a million reasons not to do things.

But do them anyway.



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