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Great post by Hugh MacLeod today on gapingvoid:

Consultants showing off how smart they are? Under-employed or over-employed, that is content marketing. Exactly.

You write a blog. You build a dedicated following. You leave a discreet, non-pushy trail of breadcrumbs to what your business actually does for money. If X percent of your readers take the bait and become paying customers, hey, you win.

I love the ending, too:

That’s the good news. The bad news is, effective content marketing requires two things: world-class content and a world-class product. Harder than it looks. Life is unfair.

That's the hard part: Making something truly great.

And I think the key to that is your "art", as Seth Godin would call it.

Something that comes form inside your soul or the core of your being in a way. It doesn't have to be deep or mystical or weird. It just has to be you, what you're about, in a very real sense. You can't fake it.

That's one of my core themes, as you've probably noticed by now.


Great content marketing comes after you've build a product that you LOVE. We're building our beta product at the moment and I've already got a few posts I want to write once we go public. A key decision you have to make from the start is how will my idea provide happiness, for you, your users, employees and ultimately society as a whole. As Ben Huh says it's all about creating happiness, we've created values from day 1 for because we don't just want a profitable company we want to be somewhere that people LOVE using/working with. We plan to produce posts on why we have our values and why we're looking at culture from the beginning but we couldn't do these without having the nicetripper product to give us the passion. Thanks for this article Lars and for your blog and coaching it's been on constant help to me for a long while. Would be great to chat to you about a few things, maybe email me your skype.
By Simon Reed on Wed, Sep 01, 10 at 06:06 · Reply
I meant Tony Hsieh not Ben Huh though his sites certainly make me happy :-D
By Simon Reed on Wed, Sep 01, 10 at 06:08 · Reply
Hi Simon Nicetripper placeholder page looks nice. Looking forward to seeing what it's about. And thanks for your praise, I appreciate that. I'm easy to find on Skype. I'm simply 'larspind'. //Lars
By Lars Pind on Wed, Sep 01, 10 at 06:57 · Reply

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