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When the brain is relaxed in a state of rest, it tends predominantly to show an alpha brain wave rhythm – i.e. waves of 8/10 cycles per second. Ornstein found that a subject tackling a mathematical problem showed an increase in alpha in the right hemisphere. This indicated that the right side was relaxing whilst the left was active and, therefore, in a beta brain wave pattern. In contrast, when a subject was matching coloured patterns, the left showed alpha (i.e. was resting) and the right showed beta (i.e. was active). The brain scans, show the varying levels of electrical brain activity in a subject listening to music, words and singing.

I read somewhere that when your brain is primarily in alpha, your right brain is more active, and your left brain is dormant.

This article doesn't seem to agree.

Logically, it makes more sense that the active half of your brain is displaying beta waves, and the inactive half is displaying alpha waves, like this article states.

Does anyone know the reality about this?

Bill Murray


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