Jamie's Food Revolution

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution is a great demonstration of how much force and determining it takes to change a system. Even though the mission is obviously good, inertia is a very very powerful force.

It takes the complete dedication of a many with significant of resources at his disposal to make it happen. And even so, it's an uphill battle at every step. And as soon as he leaves, things start drifting back to where they were.

Think about what it would take for one of the existing players within the system - a lunch cook, Ronda, the principal, the priest, to make that same change happen. It would be very very tough, and require complete commitment and dedication.

Another interesting point is how it seems he made a strategic blunder in not getting people to see the problem clearly enough from the beginning. Assuming that people would automatically realize that change is needed.

A great illustration of this is the radio show host, who finally comes around when the problem is clearly shown to him in the shape of a morgue and the people directly affected by obesity and premature death from bad eating habits.

We people tend to downplay and ignore problems, because we think we can't find a solution. Making people fully realize the consequences of the problem is very powerful and usually required to get people to take the action that you want. It's the exact same thing with sales. Basically Jamie is in sales - selling his mission, his idea, his revolution.


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