Video blogging is hard work

But not the recording the videos part. The recording part is the easy, fun part. But the processing and uploading part is really painful.

Here’s the workflow I have for Coach TV right now:

  • Record video with iMovie, with the external Sennheiser microphone in the XLR 2 input on the camera.
  • Adjust sound levels by 150%, and normalize levels
  • Share to iTunes in Medium format
  • Reveal file in finder, open in QuickTime Pro
  • File -> Export, Save exported file as Movie to MPEG-4, click Options…
  • Choose Pass Through from the Video Format pop-up menu in the Video tab
  • On the Audio tab, choose Mono from the Channels pop-up menu and click OK. Click Save.
  • Remove original file from iTunes and Import back into iTunes
  • Set meta tags in iTunes
  • Pull them back out of iTunes, renaming the files coachtvXXXX.m4v
  • Upload to Viddler, wait for encode to complete
  • scp files to my server for the enclosure and download links
  • Set tags, title, description, and publish on Viddler
  • Post to blog, write description, add enclosure link, set tags and categories, and a publish date and time

What I’d like to have is software to simplify this insane workflow. For example, software that will:

  • Take my video straight out of iMovie, unprocessed * Convert it to iPod/iPhone MPEG-4 format, converting the sound to mono and adjusting sound levels both by leveling them and by taking them up a notch. * Set show name and episode number and all the other meta tags, mostly on automatic (i tell it which show this is – Coach TV vs. Børn i byen TV, which I’m also producing, and it automatically sets the show name and author and year and genre, the default tags, and all that and increases the episode number, so all I need to do is enter title, a few extra tags, and description for this particular episode * Upload to Viddler, setting all the meta information, and setting it to published when it’s done, verifying that everything uploaded okay
  • Upload to my S3 account for use in enclosure and download links * Post to my Wordpress blog using my custom blog post template, which includes links to download and subscribe, to be released on a certain day and time, possibly automatically keeping track of things, as per your release schedule (every mon-thu at 9 AM CEST, for example), complete with description, categories, tags, etc.

Does software to do this already exist, or would I have to design it and hire someone to do it for me?

If it doesn’t it seems like there’d be a market here.

What does @garyvee do? Does he have an intern take care of all of this?


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