What sound equipment do I need?


I’m doing this video blogging, and I’m really enjoying myself and getting some great feedback, but, as grant points out, the sound is not up to par.

What do I need?

I have a nice camera with XLR input.

(I also have a jack to XLR convrerter.)

Do I need a directional mic I can mount on the camera?

Do I need a boomer that I place over my head outside of camera view?

Do I need a microport (wireless lavalier microphone) that I can click onto and “hide” on my t-shirt?

Do I need a large wired microphone that I put on the table in front of me and that’s going to be on camera (and also, I suspect, I need to be careful about moving around too much with).

I’m willing to invest some money, but would like to keep it minimal.

And I’d like to not have to think too much about the microphone while recording.

Do you have any experience or recommendations?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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