Notes from Gangaji

I just came out of a meeting with Gangaji in Copenhagen today. If you’re not familiar with her, check her out, she’s an amazing spiritual teacher.

I just wanted to briefly share my personal lessons from the meeting.

  • People ask “How do I attain peace”. In reality, it’s not about how to you attain peace. Peace is already there. The real question is: How are you currently preventing you from experiencing peace?
  • And often times, the answer will be fear. Fear that if you just let go of resistance, if you simply allowed everything to be as it is, that something bad would happen. Rather than run away from that fear, or suppress the fear and pretend it doesn’t exist, try opening yourself up to that fear. Experience it. Be with it. Embrace it. And then sense what’s underneath the fear. That’s the truth. Fear is a portal to your true self.
  • Confusion is natural, and is only the mind trying to make sense of it all. Let go of trying to make sense.
  • Ego will come in and say “see me, I’m so great, I’m so spiritual, I’m doing all these great things for people.” Again, that’s only normal. Just notice it, and don’t identify with it. It’s just ego making itself known, and it’s all perfectly normal and okay, and not the truth of who you are.

Check out her book, The Diamond in your Pocket, if you want to learn more.


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